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You are determined to have one of a kind unique wedding invitation and are currently looking for design options and inspirations towards capturing that moment of perfection on your unique wedding invitation by including photography. If you are looking for tips, tricks and hacks on how to frame that perfect moment on your unique wedding invitation, keep reading as we share with you a few experiences and success stories of now-happily married people!

Photography Tip 01: It’s All About the Eyes

Using Photography on Unique Wedding Invitations

If you are a photographer doing a pre-wedding shoot for the couple’s unique wedding invitation, one of the first things about capturing that perfect moment is to ask them to look into each other’s eyes. Nothing can be more romantic or personal than having him look into her eyes and it would truly be a special moment to share with your wedding guests who would be recipients of the unique wedding invitation.

Photography Tip 02: Catch the Sunset

Using Photography on Unique Wedding Invitations

Any photographer is often captivated by the beauty sunset photography brings. What could be better or more romantic than having the bride and groom walking into the sunset, chasing horizons and framing that candid moment of love? It will not only make a great cover photo for a unique wedding invitation but also be a moment that can be used in the years to come, hanging on a delicate frame just above the mantelpiece.

Photography Tip 03: Just Hold Hands

Using Photography on Unique Wedding Invitations

A classic image that you cannot go wrong with or cannot capture enough, just holding hands is a sentiment large enough to have aboard your unique wedding invitation. It could be by the beach, park or even the special location when “he” proposed to “her” and an image of holding hands on the unique wedding invitation encapsulates love, unity, togetherness and forever more all in one.

There are many other options that you can look into when trying to frame that perfect image for your unique wedding invitation. Speak to your wedding stationer, photographer and each other. Try to find a location and image you will be most comfortable in and do engage in hours of candid photography. You will be surprised by what comes out of it!

You are getting married in the summer and are determined to have something different and a great way to start off wedding planning is by having unique wedding invitations that are textured. An environmentally responsible choice, textured unique wedding invitations are ideal for formal wedding invitation, both indoors and outdoors. Usually of about 270gsm, these unique wedding invitations will be neither too light nor too heavy either when posting or delivering by hand.

Textured Wedding Invitations

If you are deliberating reasons as to why you should choose textured white linen paper for your unique wedding invitations, let us indulge you a bit more on its environmentally responsible features. Manufactured within strict environmental management systems it uses wind generated electricity and is made carbon neutral by offsetting thermal manufacturing emissions with Verified Emissions Reductions credits (VERS). Unique wedding invitations made with textured white linen paper also has Renewable Energy Certificates to match 100% of the electricity used for production. These unique wedding invitations with textured white linen paper also contains 30% recyclable post-consumer waste and is also produced with environmentally-kinder, Elementary Chlorine Free (ECF) pulp.

Textured Wedding InvitationsAnother reason as to why you should opt for textured white linen paper for your truly unique wedding invitations is due to its matt finish with a subtle texture that makes it ideal for formal weddings. However, there is always the exception to the rule. Unique wedding invitations with textured while linen paper is also ideal for vintage and rustic weddings with the gentle, delicate paper complete with a beautiful matt finish.

Textured Wedding Invitations

If unique wedding invitations are what you want as part of your wedding, then you don’t need to reasons for justification! They are out of the ordinary, classy, sophisticated and will not be replicated by most! When working with your chosen wedding stationer you also have the ability to create something truly beautiful together as part of the design element for your unique wedding invitations.

Accompanying unique wedding invitations are other unique wedding stationery such as thank you cards, RSVP cards, table placement cards etc and if your wedding has been planned years in advance, it could even start from the engagement party invitations! Moreover, with unique wedding invitations you are able to use a similar theme to complement the avery labels that will be used on the wedding favours given to your wedding guests.

Every bride wants their wedding to be out of this world and what better way to make a statement if not with a designer wedding invitation featuring abstract designs? If you want something truly different and decide on opting for unique wedding invitations with a design that isn’t easily readable, watch out as we give you a few options to play around with.

We will mainly focus on playing around with flowers, clouds and creating borders of the same. There are of course many other abstract designs that can be incorporated in your unique wedding invitations but consider this as the start to many more to come!


Unique Wedding Invitations using Abstract Designs

Flowers are a dominant element in most weddings, which  makes it also the ideal opportunity to have abstract designs on your unique wedding invitations. It could be hand drawn or digitally printed and be a lovely subtle complement on your unique wedding invitations.


Unique Wedding Invitations using Abstract Designs

You are getting married and of course your head is in the clouds so why not transfer this to your designer wedding invitations? Clouds are also dreamy images and an abstract version of it cannot make it any better!


Unique Wedding Invitations using Abstract Designs

Combining both clouds and flowers; the best is to make a border of it. A subtle border framing or securing your unique wedding invitations would be the perfect addition to designer wedding invitations with an abstract theme.

When deciding on an abstract design for your unique wedding invitations, you could also experiment with the different types of paper and card stocks available with your wedding stationer and also request to have it hand drawn, painted, digitally printed or even include DIY elements on your abstract designs. If you and your partner want a bit of both worlds, something abstract and something more linear, then it is advisable that you opt for an abstract design and balance it off by having a more solid or textured card stock.

Another advantage is the countless options of wedding decorations available when opting for different designer wedding invitations in abstract themes. Your guests would be marginally confused and of course pleasantly surprised with the abstract antics you have up your sleeve!

Your wedding is a few months away and upon finalising the wedding checklist and budget you’ve realised one thing for sure, it’s that you need to have designer wedding invitations and stationery because not only can you afford it, but you also want to do something different. If you are looking for inspiration however, here is a good place to start as we give you a few options for unique wedding invitations that you can play around with.

Filigree Cloud

5 Unique Wedding Invitation Designs

One of the most classic designer wedding invitations, the filigree cloud is all about modesty, elegance and sophistication. Close your eyes and imagine a floating cloud with intricate detailing sitting atop a solid coloured background, beautiful isn’t it?

Polka Dot Diva

5 Unique Wedding Invitation Designs

If the wedding is all about the bride, which in most cases it is, then it is crucial that you opt for polka dot diva unique wedding invitations. The best part about opting for these designer wedding invitations is the ability for the bridal retinue to have polka dotted dresses or even a polka dotted sash against a single coloured dress and themed tablecloths, food assortments and other wedding stationery.

Mon Amour

5 Unique Wedding Invitation Designs

Perhaps one of the most understated elegant designer wedding invitations of all time, mon amour defines personality, simplicity and charm. Opting for this designer wedding invitation is perfect especially if you opt for the middle ground and want to say neither too little, nor too much.

Velvet Plume

5 Unique Wedding Invitation Designs

Think feathers, swirls and fantasy; velvet plume unique wedding invitations are all about redefining. If you are a bride who wants something simple, but with a bit of an unique twist and a touch of glamour, it’s probably a good idea to opt for these designer wedding invitations.

Wedding Wonderland

5 Unique Wedding Invitation Designs

Christmas is around the corner and no doubt you would want to add a dash of festivity to your designer wedding invitations. A snowflake or even an icon of the season is the perfect addition for your season-themed wedding and designer wedding invitations.

However, if these options are not sufficient for you, sit back and think on what defines you best, what season revolves around your wedding and if you want to add in a bit of seasonal festivity to your wedding and the unique wedding invitations you would send out and you would even come up with a range of unique wedding invitations just for you!

Having a destination wedding but still haven’t decided on the design for the invitations? What better way to announce the celebration of your union if not for boarding pass themed designer wedding invitations? If the decision is a yes and you do decide to go ahead with boarding pass themed unique wedding invitations, keep reading as we guide you through a few things you ought to look out for.


Unique Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

One of the first things that decide the design of your unique wedding invitations is the theme of your wedding. The theme could be either based on the destination you are having your wedding at or if in the case of a non-destination wedding then the general wedding theme that would be used.

If your destination wedding is to be on the tropical sands or atop a splendid hill, then your unique wedding invitations too would follow suit and have bright splashes of yellow and orange celebrating sunshine at a beach wedding or clear pastel shades to depict the serenity in a country themed wedding. Remember that it is important to take the theme of the wedding beyond those designer wedding invitations so ensure that you have a range of wedding stationery and décor to complement the unique wedding invitations.


Unique Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

While there is a standard boarding pass design, there are many ways in which the boundaries can be crossed to create a truly unique wedding invitation. It is best that there is no direct image where the text is placed, as this would obstruct the purpose of the wording. Speak to your designer and explore options of bleeding contrasted images from the side of the boarding pass themed designer wedding invitation. If you must have an image that takes up the entire boarding pass, then it is advisable to have a thin strip of background colour running behind the names of the bride and groom.


Unique Boarding Pass Wedding Invitations

One of the best features about opting for boarding pass themed designer wedding invitations is the ability to provide a lot of information together. There are options of including both ceremony and reception details together, a barcode that could be scanned at the wedding for seating arrangements, RSVP card on the side of the unique wedding invitation or even seating arrangements for each of the guests allowing you to save less on printing more stationery both before and after the wedding.

Not having received much accreditation back in the early 1920s when it was published, The Great Gatsby is now considered one of the most nostalgic period masterpieces worded together by Scott Fitzgerald since. The recent success of the blockbuster film adaptation only added more value and appreciation to the initial novel and since, many themed parties, celebrations and weddings have come into play. One of the best features about opting for Gatsby themed weddings would be the unique wedding invitation designs that could be played around with including themed wedding décor and wedding gowns that would be on par with the fashion of the 1920s. If you are couple who wants to go all out and above and beyond a mere designer wedding invitation that is Gatsby themed, you could even request your guests to arrive donned in 1920s attire!

If you are trying to make your way down the Gatsby themed wedding task list, read on to find out how to make the perfect start with unique themed wedding invitations and swing medleys and more.


Great Gatsby Inspired Unique Wedding Invitations

One of the most prominent features about Jay Gatsby is how glamorous he is about celebrations. Transcending swing dances and champagne bottles, you are sure to include black, red and touches of gold on your unique wedding invitations. Ornate gold borders set against a solid black background with fine print red text is sure to complete your Gatsby themed designer wedding invitations.


Great Gatsby Inspired Unique Wedding Invitations

Another feature that is most important about Gatsby themed celebrations is the fine balance of glamour and modesty. Thus, it is important starting from the unique wedding invitations that you maintain modesty that is exclusive to the wedding. If you are the sort who finds bold and dynamic text and prints a little “too much”, then be sure to opt for subtle prints or one element that is considered “too bold” and complement it with something completely light and modest.

The designer wedding invitations are just the start to beautiful Gatsby inspired wedding celebrations. Be sure to include the best of the 1920s decadence, gramophones and of course its music, fashion and bottles of champagne. Request your guests to be more involved in the celebration by having a specific dress code or themed colour on the designer wedding invitations to add to the effect!

You are making your wedding checklist and are adamant on having a wedding that is different from the rest, creative and most importantly unique. If you want a statement wedding that everyone would remember, then it needs to start with you distributing designer wedding invitations to your guest list. Sit back as we guide you through a few ideas you could draw inspiration from for your big day.

Wedding Dance

Uniquely Creative Wedding Invitations

Close your eyes and picture your unique wedding invitation with intricate designs set against a crystal white background. The design is simple, delicate and dances meticulously on the thick border running across your designer wedding invitation. Designer wedding invitations with wedding dances are perfect for winter weddings or even if you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, but not exquisitely glamorous.

Wedding Seal

Uniquely Creative Wedding Invitations

If you want to have a period piece wedding with a touch of what’s modern, then a unique wedding invitation with a wedding seal has been designed for you. Ornate borders and designs set against a dull gold background, the designer wedding invitation with the wedding seal perfectly complements a wedding gown with an elaborate gold bow or even a dull gold wedding dress as you walk down the aisle.

Atop a Cloud

Uniquely Creative Wedding Invitations

They call you the match made in heaven and your wedding is proof of this union. What better way to make this known, than to have a unique wedding invitation with a cloud sitting atop an intricate monogram design? Meticulous detailing set against a solid shade of deep silver, slate, electric red, champagne or whichever you decide on as your wedding colour, a filigree monogram is a definite way to ensure that you give your guests a truly unique wedding invitation.

Polka Dots

Uniquely Creative Wedding Invitations

If you are old school and have planned a retro themed wedding why not bring back the 80s with a polka dot themed unique wedding invitation? Black, gold, lime, purple or silver coloured polka dots characterised by a beautiful emblem located at the centre of your unique wedding invitation would definitely give your guests what to expect at your retro themed wedding.

While it could be intimidating to step away from the ordinary and do what is different from “accepted” wedding cultures, it’s always fun and exciting to experiment with new trends and styles and sometimes even revisit the old.

Every couple wants to have the wedding of their dreams. In order to see to that your dream comes true it is essential to have designer wedding invitations sent out to your guests.

Here are a few steps you could follow towards creating your designer wedding invitation that is truly unique from the stock designs available.

Pick a Theme

Finding a Unique Wedding Invitation Design & Customising It

Upon deciding on your wedding date, the first step towards creating unique wedding invitations is to decide on a wedding theme. If you do not have a certain theme in mind, then settle for a wedding colour that would run on your designer wedding invitations, wedding stationery, favours, décor, bouquets and other embellishments.

Pick the Ideal Paper Stock

Finding a Unique Wedding Invitation Design & Customising It

Having speciality wedding paper for your unique wedding invitations is an ideal way in which you could have not only an exclusive wedding invite but also a picturesque one, depending on how it is designed. The best features about choosing specialised card or paper stock is the ability to keep the design simple yet elegant or even opt to go over the top with meticulously curated designs just for you.

Pick a Design or a Designer

Finding a Unique Wedding Invitation Design & Customising It

If the arts and crafts are not for you, make use of a designer online or even be inspired by designer wedding invitations available online. Together with your designer and material gathered from various sources, piece together an intricate design unique to the both of you and ensure that it is well placed on your designer wedding invitations. Following the design is of course the choice of font used. Most would agree to opt for a cursive script to add a classic finish for the unique wedding invitations.


Finding a Unique Wedding Invitation Design & Customising It

You are one step away from sending out or hand-delivering your designer wedding invitations. If the card permits adequate space, experiment with a customised embellishment or two on the sides of the centre of the card. It could be a miniature brooch, feather, pressed flowers or pearls similar to the ones the bride would wear on the day of the wedding! While embellishments are entirely optional, if correctly done it would not only complete the finished look for your unique wedding invitations, but also guarantee a personalised touch to any guest who receives it. Your designer wedding invitation would be the first of many keepsake mementos your guests would take home with them.

You want to have the best of all worlds at your wedding and to outshine every other moment in your life and what better way to start off if not for having a unique wedding invitation delivered to your guests with designer touches and a luxurious foil finish?


Unique Foil Wedding Invitations

One of the best features about a designer wedding invitation is undoubtedly the ability to customise it as per your preferences. When deciding on the design for your unique wedding invitation, ensure that you first have your wedding colour and theme in place or at least narrowed down to a few options as deciding on gold or silver emboss will be easier for both you and your partner. Your design would also include the typography, patterns and / or any other design that would be incorporated in your unique wedding invitation.


Unique Foil Wedding Invitations

Upon having chosen the design, the next step is to decide on the paper or card stock for your designer wedding invitation. There are plenty of ways in which you could mix and match your design to your paper and foil chosen, so be sure to put on that creative hat while deciding. Further, explore all options available for designer wedding invitations and be bold enough to experiment beyond the usual off-white paper.


Unique Foil Wedding Invitations

Having decided on the design and paper for your unique wedding invitation, it’s time you go crazy on personalising these designer wedding invitations to best fit either the personalities of you and your partner or the guests you have invited. One of the main advantages of opting for unique wedding invitations is the countless possibilities to personalise your wedding invitation to and create a designer wedding invitation that is not only luxurious but that would also remain the hearts of your guests, forever.

Following the decision on your designer wedding invitation be at liberty to replicate a similar effect on your wedding theme, décor, wedding stationery and all other elements involved in your extensive wedding checklist. It is important to maintain consistency and hence, be sure to add that extra dot of silver or elaborate splash of gold for your wedding favours or stationery so as to maintain similarities between your designer wedding invitation.

If you and your partner are the sort to walk down on an aisle of sparklers or the sort your group of friends would deem “different from the rest”, then your wedding should be no different! An extraordinary theme, unique wedding invites to bold and daring statements are just what you are looking for. Give your guests a surprise right from the start by welcoming them to your wedding celebrations with a unique wedding invitation.


DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

A must-have for your unique wedding invite is your willingness to experiment with typography. Stray away from the traditional wordings and font that would greet your guests on the invitation card and opt to play around with the placing of the text or the font itself and treat them with a one-of-a-kind unique wedding invitation.

Bold Prints

DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

While vintage finishes with a dab of lace is socially accepted, it is also very boring. Big retro-inspired flowers, Chinese wall decor or loud and dynamic abstract art is what you are looking for to colour your unique wedding invitation.


What better way to make your unique wedding stand out from the rest by adding a handmade craft to it? Get yourself a solid coloured wedding card printed and tease it with crafts of your choice! It could range from rhinestones; miniature pearls that would be on the bride’s tiara, ribbons on the heads of the little maids or even confetti your guests would shower you with. A little touch of any decoration that you would use for your wedding would undoubtedly leave you with a unique wedding invitation.

Redefine Borders

DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

While borders are excellent to frame the wording, if used correctly, it is also a great tool to use as segregating what is important such as the text from that which is not, such as a delicate design. Borders could also be used thick, wherein you could place key words such as the names of the couple and wedding date, leaving the rest of the card solid coloured. Feel free to tweak the placement of borders and get yourself a truly unique wedding invitation.

Theme It

DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

Another idea for a wedding that is out of this world is by having a daring theme to complement it. You and your partner could be medieval geeks and your wedding invitation could be delivered on parchment and your guests would be walking around in togas! Discuss with your partner and find common ground when deciding on your theme, after which you would both have a better understanding of delivering to your guests a unique wedding invitation.

When attempting to create a wedding that is different and that would stand out from the rest is to make sure your guests have a good idea of what to expect with a unique wedding invitation at hand. A bit of your wedding already in the invitation, the party has already begun!