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If you and your partner are the sort to walk down on an aisle of sparklers or the sort your group of friends would deem “different from the rest”, then your wedding should be no different! An extraordinary theme, unique wedding invites to bold and daring statements are just what you are looking for. Give your guests a surprise right from the start by welcoming them to your wedding celebrations with a unique wedding invitation.


DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

A must-have for your unique wedding invite is your willingness to experiment with typography. Stray away from the traditional wordings and font that would greet your guests on the invitation card and opt to play around with the placing of the text or the font itself and treat them with a one-of-a-kind unique wedding invitation.

Bold Prints

DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

While vintage finishes with a dab of lace is socially accepted, it is also very boring. Big retro-inspired flowers, Chinese wall decor or loud and dynamic abstract art is what you are looking for to colour your unique wedding invitation.


What better way to make your unique wedding stand out from the rest by adding a handmade craft to it? Get yourself a solid coloured wedding card printed and tease it with crafts of your choice! It could range from rhinestones; miniature pearls that would be on the bride’s tiara, ribbons on the heads of the little maids or even confetti your guests would shower you with. A little touch of any decoration that you would use for your wedding would undoubtedly leave you with a unique wedding invitation.

Redefine Borders

DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

While borders are excellent to frame the wording, if used correctly, it is also a great tool to use as segregating what is important such as the text from that which is not, such as a delicate design. Borders could also be used thick, wherein you could place key words such as the names of the couple and wedding date, leaving the rest of the card solid coloured. Feel free to tweak the placement of borders and get yourself a truly unique wedding invitation.

Theme It

DreamDay Invitations Unique Wedding Invites

Another idea for a wedding that is out of this world is by having a daring theme to complement it. You and your partner could be medieval geeks and your wedding invitation could be delivered on parchment and your guests would be walking around in togas! Discuss with your partner and find common ground when deciding on your theme, after which you would both have a better understanding of delivering to your guests a unique wedding invitation.

When attempting to create a wedding that is different and that would stand out from the rest is to make sure your guests have a good idea of what to expect with a unique wedding invitation at hand. A bit of your wedding already in the invitation, the party has already begun!

If standard wedding invitations do not capture your couple style, experiment with different wedding themes and invitation styles to create unique wedding invitations that express both your personalities and interests. While there are several different unique wedding invite themes to choose from, here are some of our favourites for adding a unique twist to your wedding.

Offbeat Wedding Invitations

Creating the perfect unique wedding invitation for a creative or non-traditional couple, the offbeat wedding invitation theme provides a plethora of designs ranging from steampunk and goth to even biker inspired designs to choose from.

When choosing a unique wedding invite that reflects your offbeat style, it’s important to keep in mind the interests and personalities of the couple. Experiment with combining different designs such as the ornate, dark tones of the Victorian era with a contemporary inspired font for a splash of fun. If you prefer a more subtle, offbeat look for an unique wedding invitation design, opt for cartoon drawings of skulls depicting a traditional bride and groom wedding pose.

Chalkboard Wedding Invitations

Etched in Chalk 5x7 Vertical Flat Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

A hot new style of unique wedding invitations, chalkboard invitation designs have taken over the wedding circuit and our used for a variety of different wedding themes from rustic and country inspired wedding to more contemporary based wedding styles.

Typography inspired designs are usually featured on these unique wedding invites, however you can also opt to use different elements and designs that complement your specific wedding theme such as a floral pattern for a country inspired unique wedding invitation.

Balloon Wedding Invitations

If you want something that hasn’t been done before that will captures your guests attention, this unique wedding invitation concept is the perfect choice for you! Include your wedding details on a balloon that guests will need to blow up to read and attach this to a simple wedding invitation card.

To really make this unique wedding invite work, you’ll need to make sure it’s printed on a premium quality balloon that won’t pop easily and choose a design that’s not cluttered and easy to read.

Plantable Seed Paper Invitations

Make a statement that expresses your commitment to the environment as a couple by using plantable seed paper or recycled paper to create your unique wedding invitations. Give your unique wedding invites a distinct look and feel with this memorable touch that is earth friendly and trendy. You can either choose off-the-shelf designs that can be customised online for a personal touch or if you’re creative, use a do-it-yourself wedding invitation kit to create a personal design for your unique wedding invites.

Planning and styling a truly customised wedding that expresses your unique couple style in everything from unique wedding invitations through to personalised decor is essentially what makes your big day a memorable affair. With a plethora of trends emerging and being reinvented, there are plenty of unique wedding ideas to choose from. With this in mind, we thought we’d highlight our favourite unique wedding invitation and decor trends that are smoking hot this year.

Upscale Rustic Wedding Invitations & Decor

A relatively new kid on the block, we love the thought of blending these two charming design styles to create a truly unique wedding invitation that’s swanky, while not being too over the top. Taking the countryside chic look to a whole different level, add a touch of elegance and sophistication with script fonts, custom monograms, a rustic inspired colour palette, luxurious patterns such as damask  and not forgetting some stylish verdant florals for a truly unique wedding invite that reflects your pretty pastoral wedding theme.

When it comes to unique wedding decor to suit this refined rustic theme, dress up your reception area using hay bales covered with stylish fabric for lounge seating around the dance area and for a truly  rustic design touch, create a stylish outdoor chandelier using mason jars.

Unique Destination Wedding Invitations

Planning a destination wedding? For unique wedding invites that’ll have your guests dreaming about your magical getaway wedding, opt for a fun boarding pass wedding invite or a passport inspired wedding invitation instead of a traditional wedding invitation design. Add your invitation wording to replace the travel details on the invite and customise the design by including special embellishments that capture the style of your destination wedding location. For instance, starfish or a sea shell motif work well for a beach wedding, while a romantic photograph of the wedding location at sunset works equally well too.

Metallic Turtle Delight Passport Invitation - DreamDay Invitations

These unique wedding invitations should be sent out earlier than normal wedding invitations and should ideally reach guests five months before the wedding, to give guests enough time to make travel arrangements and other plans to attend your destination wedding.

If your guest list is relatively small, give your unique wedding invites a truly personalised touch by adding a personalised handwritten note on how much it will mean to both of you to have them present at the ceremony.

DIY Embellishments for Unique Wedding Invitations

Personalise your unique wedding invites by adding a luxurious touch using DIY embellishments. Depending on your wedding theme, choose anything from brooches and clusters to lace, ribbons and specialty paper to transform generic designs into a spectacular unique wedding invitation for a truly memorable keepsake.

When creating unique wedding invitations, keep in mind that the little details make all the difference. Many get caught up in the design and focus mostly on the colour combination or the invitation wording. While these are all important elements in creating designer wedding invitations, most forget the unsung hero in its creation. The glue that holds everything together is in fact the paper.

The choice of paper is the most important part of the invitation itself, yet is often the first thing compromised when trying to keep costs down. Your paper choice should not only be the vehicle of a design, but should form the integral part of the complete look and feel of your wedding stationery. If you are going the DIY invitation route, it probably means you are on a budget of some sort, but putting a little extra investment into paper can make a big difference. Remember choosing a good quality paper will do most of the work for you by making even the simplest of designs look extravagant. Whether you require simple elegance, a touch of glamour or want to make an environmentally friendly choice with the wide range of choices available today you can create a unique invitation that is just right for you.

A4 Embossed Pebbles in Bronze 150gsm - DIY Invitations

Specialty papers can range from gradients, thickness, texture and visual appeal. These differentiating factors help create the desired look and feel for your unique wedding invitation, with so many choices that include embossed, flocked, metallic and shimmer.

Keep in mind that soft textured paper stocks add depth to any invitation and it is the paper of choice for nature-inspired designs; while also adding more character to rustic and vintage designs.

Shimmer on the other hand is a lustrous choice of paper with a hint of glitter or shine adding an elegant glow to your designer wedding invitation. Shimmer is the common choice of most brides as most designs look fantastic with this in the end. So this is a guaranteed foolproof choice of champions.

To create your unique wedding invite we suggest luxurious layers, stylish wraps or modern hardcover wedding invitations. We suggest you mix various textures and looks to create a truly unique design while sticking to shades within your colour palette. Add a contemporary twist or exude modern simplicity by making the right choice.

A4 Metallic Tigerstripe 150gsm - DIY Invitations

Make your special day a memorable celebration that will leave a lasting impression on all those who witness you and your partner declare your lifelong love for each other. More modern couples are exploring alternatives to traditional wedding décor and planning to create an experience that will dazzle all those who take part, from the bridesmaids and groomsmen to grandma and granddad! From crafting unique wedding invitations to some truly innovative centrepieces, read on for some fun tips and savvy twists on making your special day a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Grand Caress Square Invitation and Pocket in Slate - DreamDay Invitations

Grand Caress Square Invitation and Pocket in Slate - DreamDay Invitations

Transportation with a Twist!

If you want to make a truly grand entrance at the reception and have your guests share the thrill, consider wedding transportation that is a little out of the ordinary. Perhaps you can hire horse-drawn carriages to ferry everyone to the reception venue or even hire out hot air balloons for a skyward thrill that will have the younger members of your party squealing with delight! These one-of-a-kind transport options can even feature on your unique wedding invites for a sly hint about what is to come!

Make It Unique – Keep It Personal!

To make your wedding celebration truly unique, insert personal touches that all your guests will enjoy. For instance, include old family photos on menus, table centrepieces, and even on your unique wedding invitations to honour the history behind today’s wedding couple. You could take it a step further and include little bios of the bridesmaids and groomsmen so that all your guests can put a name and story to the women and men standing smartly beside the bride and groom. A neat photo-opportunity can have the bridal party holding up signs to indicate how they met or are related to the happy couple!

Tearing Up the Dance Floor – The AFTER After Party!

The notion of the “after-after party” has taking the world of weddings by storm.Many couples are opting for a celebration after the main reception for the twenty-somethings and thirty-somethings to keep the partying going past midnight, after some of the older guests have left. This new twist on the “after party” includes a change of dress for those who are staying up late and allows the bride, groom, and their closest friends to dance the night away. You can even mention this on your unique wedding invitations so you guests can also bring a change of clothes!

Celebrity weddings are where dreams come true, as our favourite stars get hitched, surrounded by the glitz and glam that make their lives and films worth watching! As these occasions can sometimes be very public affairs, wedding planners are borrowing ideas from these star-studded functions to make any bride feel like a star in her own right! To help create the mood for this starry occasion, design unique wedding invitations that promise to treat all your guests to an unforgettable evening of fun, excitement, and glamour!

An Uniquely “Zen” Wedding Invitation, Courtesy of Brad & Jen

In a wedding celebration that cost USD1 million, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Anniston indulged in a simple yet glamorous ceremony when they exchanged vows in 2000. The estate hosting the ceremony was designed to resemble a peaceful Japanese Zen Garden, complete with elegant lanterns and lush lotus blooms. Your unique wedding invitations can borrow reams of elegance and class from this idea by incorporating a charming, one-of-a-kind, Zen garden theme.

Japanese Garden Square Vertical Invitation - DreamDay Invitations

Twilighting Under The Stars – A Magical, Mystical, Unique Wedding Invitation

One of the most famous movie and pop-culture franchises in the world is the Twilight series, which has set the hearts of pre- and post-adolescent fan girls aflame with the eternal love story of Edward & Bella. Many brides have chosen to make Bella’s modest wedding dress their own, which features a daring yet elegant open back adorned with lace and pearls. Your unique wedding invitations can feature this graceful theme as homage to one of the “greatest” modern romances in the world.

Roses on Unique Wedding Invites

A rose is the eternal icon of romance; yellow roses represent friendship and red roses symbolise love. The wedding of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds featured rose petals of various hues scattered on a garden aisle to create a dreamy ambiance, which can be replicated on unique wedding invitations to capture that same atmosphere of charming romance.

A Royal Celebration – Unique Wedding Invitations Inspired By Royalty

One of the most famous weddings in the past thirty-five years was the marriage of Prince Charles and Diana, and later, the marriage of Prince William and Kate. Royal weddings set hearts and imaginations on fire with their romantic appeal and magical allure. Create a unique wedding invitation to take the form of an official “royal announcement” that will introduce your happy nuptials in a grandiose manner that is fit for royalty. Mention the words “Westminster Abbey” and your guests are sold!

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Think outside the bridal box and indulge in unique wedding invitations to delight your guests. Pick a theme that portrays the special elements of your relationship and use that as a decorative theme throughout the celebration. Craft a unique wedding invitation and pull off a truly one-of-a-kind themed wedding special to you both alone.

Bells & Whistles on Your Unique Wedding Invitations

Send out your unique wedding invites around three-four months in advance, which will give your guests more than enough time to plan and prepare for your special day. Yet, people can easily forget the date itself, which is why you will need truly unique wedding invitations that leave a lasting impression in the minds of every one of your guest list.

Vintage Pearl Brooch - DIY Invitations

Choose from a special array of unique wedding invites that are dressed to the nines with beautiful pearl and/or crystal accents, and some of these could take the form of enchanting jewellery such as elegant brooches or smart cuff links that can be worn on the day. To cut down on costs, consider making these by hand, and you can browse through online DIY sites to discover some splendid designs to replicate. Pinterest should help inspire you!

Tantalising Trims to Dress up A Unique Wedding Invite

When you weigh your various options for stylish and unique wedding invitations and assorted stationery, the theme you’re using for your wedding is key here. Clean and simple lines on your unique wedding invitations, place cards, engagement party invitations, and other wedding stationery perfectly capture the ambiance of a contemporary wedding theme, where “less is more”. More elaborate trims and damask designs are perfect for unique wedding invitations that are used in more formal occasions for a touch of class.

More “Oomph” For Truly Unique Wedding Invitations

If you’re seeking unique wedding invitations that add an extra dimension of specialty, consider making them 3D in pop-out form for a truly memorable and unique wedding invite that will surely be the envy of all your friends and family. Other elements to add some “oomph” to your unique wedding invites and stationery are intricate ribbon arrangements, fancy bow ensembles, and even origami creations to add an extra element of depth whilst retaining sophistication.

Use your imagination for fashioning the ideal unique wedding invitation that’s sure to be a topic of conversation amongst all your friends & family!

Your wedding invitations should be unique to your couple style and wedding theme. You can choose something as unique as a white Scandinavian themed wedding invite or something as elegant like white pearl invites, but both should maintain an element of uniqueness that sets your wedding apart from other weddings.

White Wedding

You’ve heard so many quotes and songs revolved around the “white wedding” expression. The bride doesn’t have to be the only one wearing white as your wedding theme can involve a full “white out” with everything; from linens to décor, from invitations to bridesmaid dresses. A white wedding is clean, crisp, and while white isn’t even a “colour”, it’s very out of the box.

Wedding Invitation Inspiration

Many times when speaking with vendors, they’ll ask you “what does your wedding dress look like?” as a means of inspiration for the rest of your big day. Your invitations can be inspired by your wedding gown as well…is it crisp and clean? Unique and intricate? Flowing and whimsical? Let your dress tell the story for your unique white wedding invitations.

Audrey Square Flat Wedding Invitation in Black - DreamDay Invitations

The Best Day of Your Life

Your wedding day will be one of the best and happiest times of your life. Enjoy every moment, bask in every minute with you and your significant other, and enjoy all of the time and hard work you put into this special day down to every last detail.

Congratulations on your wedding day. Happy Planning!

“I am fascinated by history and particularly the Victorian era,” said Annie Lennox. Who wouldn’t be intrigued by this style? Many people don’t realise how much we have pulled from and been influenced by the Victorian style and era, from interior design, weddings and wedding invitations to even everyday fashion.

Unique Wedding Invitations

How many times have you seen the same ol’ wedding templates and themes being used, why not go try out something new and unique? Bring back elegance from a different era with Victorian styled wedding invitations. There are plenty of ideas and styles within this theme that would be a good fit for your wedding day.

Victorian Styled Themed Invitations

Love Tattoo Square Invitation and Pocket in Aubergine - DreamDay Invitations

A wedding is a time to celebrate, add your personal touch and showcase your couple style. For the couple that is classy and elegant, the Victorian theme is a perfect idea for an invitation design concept. Choose from scrolling fonts, various floral patterns or metallic scrolls and frills that will serve this theme well. Your wedding invitations will be unique and classy, giving your guests a preview of what they’ll be able to enjoy and look forward to at your special day.

Victorian Styled Weddings

Your unique wedding invitations aren’t the only element of your wedding planning theme and style that can reflect a Victorian theme. Your flower bouquet, décor, and even menu can infuse the Victorian look. Ideas and inspiration include large rose bridal bouquets, robust coloured tablecloths and bringing back French and English inspiration to your wedding menu with herb-roasted meats, basic side dishes and elegant desserts. Simple to do, easy to afford, all while staying true to your Victorian Style Wedding.

Your wedding is a great place to use this theme; it’s elegant, beautiful and will serve as a great theme for your unique wedding invitations.

A wedding is one of the happiest days of your life; it’s a time to celebrate the fact that you found the love of your life, your better half, and the one meant for you. When picking your wedding invitations, don’t just choose drab, boring designs but opt for happy, unique wedding invitations instead. There are plenty of designs and ideas to choose from, just enjoy browsing through the selection till you find the ideal for you!

Choosing your Happy and Unique Wedding Invitations

You don’t have to be a wedding invitation designer to know how to find a theme that is happy and uniquely styled for your wedding day. Choosing your wedding invitations is a very important part of the wedding process, so you’ll want to have these picked out shortly after you get engaged. Wedding invitations should be sent out four to six weeks before the big day, and six to eight weeks if you have a lot of out of town guests. Your wedding invitations should be designed or chosen in the style that best suits you as a couple, your wedding style and budget.

Planning a Wedding

Planning a wedding is a fun and important time in your life. It gets stressful though, so be sure to delegate as much tasks you can, stay organised and enjoy the process in its entirety. It’ll be over before you know it, so enjoy the moment and stay on task. Choosing happy and unique wedding invitations should be one of the first things on your checklists.

Happy and Unique Wedding Invitation Ideas

When we say “happy” wedding invitations, we don’t mean your invites have to have a big smiley face on them! A happy and unique theme is just one that brings a smile to everyone’s face as you choose a design that is colourful, exudes love and romance or is peppy and bright. Designs like this often make those opening the invites feel happy and excited for your big day. Choose colours for your wedding that are cheerful as well, nobody wants dreary colours meant for a rainy day!

Love by Checks 5x7 Vertical Flat Invitation in Turquoise - DreamDay Wedding Invitations

As you plan and prepare for your big day, remember the real reason you two are celebrating—to join together and spend forever together, don’t be stressed by all of the to dos—just be as happy and enjoy each moment as it comes!

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